Patrol- The Patrol Division's primary responsibilities are to respond to calls for service, conduct preliminary investigations, maintain order, and enforce traffic laws. Our Patrol Division also works with the community problems. Officers are encouraged to be problem solvers and to confer with the community they protect.

Detectives- The Detective Division is required to follow up on all criminal offenses that occur in the city. Detectives work with field officers to secure and preserve crime scenes, and interview witnesses.

Communications- The Communications Division takes in all complaints and assists the public in answering 911 calls. Our dispatchers convey calls to the units, keep up with their location and monitor all radio traffic.

Administration- Administration consists of the Police Chief and both Division Commanders. They are responsible for the overall readiness and operation functions of the department. They are also responsible for the performance of the investigations and any crime prevention programs, as well as, community policing, records unit, and other divisions that coincide with the department. Administrative tasks also include supervision of training programs, staff development, personnel recruitment, internal investigations, media relations, and technical services.


Mission Statement

"The Mission of the Rockingham Police Department is to enforce the laws and ordinances of the State of North Carolina and the City of Rockingham. By providing quality law enforcement we safeguard lives, enhance community safety, protect property and reduce the impact and fear of crime. Our officers seek and preserve public confidence by impartial observance of the law and by offering service and trust to all members of the public."


The Police Department serves a population of approximately 10,000 citizens in Richmond County. The department has three main divisions: Patrol, Detectives and Administrative Services.  

There are 36 sworn officers and two full-time administrative assistants. The Detective Division consists of six investigators, two assigned to Narcotics, three to Major Crimes, and one assigned to work in investigating domestic violence offenses.
The Police Department also has three special taskforce teams, including a Traffic Enforcement team, SWAT team and a K-9 team.